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Our promise as a contractor is to build community value into every project while delivering professional expertise.
Renovating Interior and Exterior design
We do our best so that your house is a place you never want to leave

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FCO’s Design Service, we always assure our clients, encompasses the complete spectrum of services in this area – from the very first minds park of the desired concept, carefully developing it through FCO’s tested access to the latest methods and state-of-the-art equipment, all the way to the working drawings.



The physical construction of any structure that bears the FCO mark is, to us, always a labor of love – a work of art, too – that needs to be executed with careful planning, meticulous monitoring, discipline, focus and honesty every step of the way. Daily supervision is fiercely keen but compassionate.

Project Management


Our Project Management Team, headed by a Project Manager – an Engineer– who expertly conducts hands-on supervision at the construction project with our experienced supervisors and workers, consistently gives updates and options to the client from beginning to end.

Featured Works

Architect Frederic Caberte Ocampo

Architect Frederic Caberte Ocampo

Efficient and self-sufficient, Architect Frederic Caberte Ocampo attained his dream of becoming a licensed architect in 2000, after hard years of studying as a working student and government scholar in the country’s premier state university in technology education, the imposing Technological University of the Philippines (TUP), in MetroManila, the Philippine capital.

Architect Ocampo consistently channels his vibrant youthful energies, exalting experiences, and modern designs that beautifully hug the balance in the environment into each and every FCO project.